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W. G. Yates Construction - Director of BIM/VDC

Director of BIM (Building Information Modeling) / VDC (Virtual Design and Construction

Responsible to take Yates' BIM program to the highest level, in order to produce the best available cost savings to our clients.

My passion for efficiency and productivity, led me to BIM and VDC.  Passion for BIM/VDC earned me the only nickname that has ever stuck "BIMjamin"

I not only work the BIM/VDC for Yates, I use it on a regular basis for my personal and Charitable projects.

Here are examples:

2016 Fall

LOD 400 for civil fabrication with a model and assembly of a river for local high school marching band.

2016 Summer

Went full LOD 400 with complete fabrication information for a bed for my son. If you have had a 10 year old you will understand, it was easier for me to Make a bed than it is for him to Make a bed.


2014 Fall

Remodeled and added on to my home using BIM/VDC. Primarily used LOD 200-300, but hit LOD 400 on the masonry.


2013 Sept

BIM is not something to be done because it is "cool", BIM is about productivity.  So when it came time to remodel and add onto my own home.  I choose to model the remodel.

Here is the BIMX - BenjaminHome_new - Graphisoft BIMX

2013 Mar

Used ArchiCAD to create a design for a charity I work with.   Here is the BIMX - Water play Area - Graphisoft BIMX

2013 Feb

I have become a big fan of ArchiCAD - most of the construction industry in the US turns to Autodesk's Revit for BIM, I have a personal preference to Graphisoft's ArchiCAD.

While Revit is exceptionally powerful, I like the speed and agility of ArchiCAD.  It is mainly a personal preference since I do not have design background, learning the design authoring tools is a specific task I needed to undertake.  I became familiar with Revit while completing tutorials and then authoring components for a large manufacturing facility. I wanted to know ArchiCAD as well and so i undertook a project on evenings and weekends, I designed a home that I would like to build some day.

Here is the BIMX file -  Benjamin_House - if you need the viewer you can get it here - Graphisoft BIMX. You can also get the app for your Apple or Android device.

Make sure you browse around the back to see my pet.

2012 Dec

If you have seen the BIM Education Program page you can see I have taught BIM to a lot of people.  Creating, implementing, following through of a major education program is a great experience.  Changing a company, nudging their culture, and getting people to think, act, and be different then they were is challenging and rewarding.

2012 April

Below is a screenshot of creating a 4D BIM (using Synchro) for a 750,000 sq ft manufacturing facility YATES built.

To make them intriguing for marketing we had John Calhoun with

fancy up some of the Jackson Federal Courthouse BIM shots. (Below)

Below are model and actual pictures from the Jackson Federal Courthouse.

Here is part of the reason I was selected to be Director of BIM - I would get out in the field with my laptop and help resolve issues - it is good to be a geek (Below). My friend Rich took this picture, added some text and sent it to me.

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